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Uniforms and Clothing

From the ACMA Parent Handbook:

Goals for the students include independence, concentration, coordination, and order. As such, you can understand the importance of appropriate attire.  Remember that your student’s clothing may very likely get soiled at school.  We recommend durable, washable fabrics.  Loose-fitting boots, sandals, or open-toed shoes are discouraged for safety reasons.  All students need to either wear or bring a set of athletic shoes to school everyday for PE (shoes may be stored in a classroom locker). 

Uniforms are required; please reference the guidelines below.


Monday thru Thursday Uniform (excluding Field Trip Days)

  • Long or short sleeve polo-style shirts in white, forest green, royal blue, or navy blue.

  • Sweaters or jackets that will be worn in the classroom can be any style with no writing, unless it has the ACMA logo. Hoods may not be worn over the head inside the classroom.

  • Shoes: Preferably a solid black or white, but any style meeting ACMA requirements are acceptable (see above). 

  • Pants, Shorts, or Skirts: Khaki colored. To maintain modesty, girls must wear shorts under jumpers and skirts. Leggings should be made of a thick fabric and not see-through. Solid Khaki colored dresses are also appropriate.

Friday Uniform or Field Trip Days

  • ACMA branded t-shirts and athletic wear found on our online clothing store.

  • Hats may be worn on field trips, just not inside the classroom.

  • Or denim jeans and a branded school shirt, either polo or crew neck.

  • Students may also choose to wear their normal weekday uniform on field trips.

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