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ArborCreek Montessori Academy will begin accepting middle school-aged students for Fall 2022!

The Montessori Approach to Middle School Education

   Montessori education in the middle school ages builds on the foundation of the Elementary years program. Students in both our Elementary and Middle school will work together as one classroom community, however, the middle school-aged students will serve as leaders in our community and benefit from many unique experiences designed to support their unique characteristics and needs.

   The experience of a middle school student is to serve as both a leader and role model, and our program is designed to foster an attitude of service towards their community while developing the character traits of a global citizen. Students will explore all traditional subject areas: mathematics, reading, writing, biology, geography, history, art, music, and  PE. Students may choose between a hybrid learning model or continue to receive lessons delivered in a traditional Montessori format. The hybrid model will allow students to use adaptive software and work independently on core subjects at their own pace for a specified portion of their school day.

   All middle school students will work to set weekly "S.M.A.R.T." goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) and will be expected to participate in a project-based learning model to explore various themed units and actively plan activities and projects throughout the school year. Some examples of the exciting opportunities we have planned for our middle school students:

Career Shadowing and Apprenticeships

Overnight Camping Trip

Start and Run a Business

Plan the School Yearbook

Mentoring Younger Children

Organize Regular Field Trips

Plan Community Cooking Projects

Create a School Podcast

Personalize Areas of Study

Weekly Field Trips

...and More!

   Our middle school students will be given the rare opportunity to truly shape their education and their school in our student-led program designed to empower each student to reach their full potential.

   We would be happy to answer any questions you have about this exciting new program.

Please contact Ms. Stori at or call our main office to setup a school tour.

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Developing Global Citizens through Service and Leadership

Our program is designed to naturally develop the qualities of a global citizen:

1) Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

2) Community and Collaboration

3) Technology Skills

4) Adaptability

5) Cross-Cultural Awareness

Homework and Standardized Testing

   Homework is rarely given to students, as we believe time spent at home should be time spent with family or pursuing personal interests. Homework will only be assigned after a discussion with parents, and only if a specific skill needs more direct attention and support at home. 

   We believe that no academic test can show the true measure of a child's genius. However, we also understand the need to align ourselves with other schools for the purpose of standardization of academic transcripts. Thus, our students take the NWEA MAP Growth test three times a year to assess their academic progress compared to national standards. The results of this testing are used by the classroom teacher to further support each child and target any areas that may need special attention. The testing results are shared with parents at the end of the school year as part of the final progress report.

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